Musiker Kim Eikenes

Kim Eikenes is a versatile singer/songwriter and troubadour with great passion for the music, and he is genuinely committed to spreading joy through performing and entertaining the audience.

Ever since the early 90s, the guitar has been a regular companion, as well as the interest in standing on stage.

In 2004, Eikenes started out as a troubadour, with his acoustic guitar, harmonica and his voice. The philosophy weighs heavily, and states that the best and only way to deliver true, heartfelt and credible music is to play live. Without playback, without effects. Just a man with his guitar on stage. That's what happens here.

Eikenes can play for any occasion, ranging from pubs, weddings, funerals, private events, etc.

There is something for everyone in the reportoire, so the music is quite varied.

Everything from Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Creedence, via the Beatles, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, to newer stuff, like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Robbie Williams, + some norwegian music, such as Hellbillies, Marius Muller, The Mods, Bjørn Eidsvåg.

Eikenes is located in Kragerø, Norway, but is happy to travel to play. Also has everything needed equipmentwise.

Please make contact if you are planning live music for your event.