Kim Eikenes & Jellygo Valley 

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"The better part of me gets even better next to you" - The Better Part Of Me

Kim Eikenes & Jellygo Valley is a well established band from Kragerø, southeast of Norway. The band was founded in march 2016, after a long and intense pursuit of members. Eikenes had originally gathered five musicians, but after a few replacements in the beginning, the band has five talented musicians today, with years of experience each on their own. With great passion and commitment in every note, the band will give the audience a nostalgic, memorable and a great musical experience. Some may say that the music is quite so varied, but generally it's probably called folk rock. The songwriter of the band, Eikenes, is inspired by the work of many artists, such as Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Kevin Costner, and so on. And that contributes to the nature and genres of the songs. As of today, the band is working on producing music, playing concerts, and by the end of May, the band is scheduled to embark a nine day tour across Norway.

The band:

- Kim Eikenes - 

Kim is the band's vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. Since the fall -92, the guitar has been a regular companion. Over the years there have been several bands and projects, studio work, etc. Kim has many years of experience on stage, has played in small and big venues, and shared stages with the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Jace Everett, Elliott Murphy, Jan Erik Vold, and many more. Towards the end of the 1990s, the young man Eikenes began to write music, which he never stopped doing. That results in a solid catalog when the band was founded in march 2016. When writing music and lyrics, then working with the band on arrangements, etc., it is the golden formula for the band's solid sound. 

- Jørn Henning Isaksen -

Jørn adds both substance and elegance in the form of self-confident, refined and amazing guitar playing. After a lifetime with the guitar as a companion, one can safely say that Jørn is a great resource for the band. There is hardly a stage he hasn`t played in his career. 

- Frank Andersen -

Frank is the band's keyboardist, and since the mid-1970s he has embraced the organ with elegance and skills. Frank plays a big part of the band's expression by composing / arranging his contribution in each song, through careful and thoughtful play. 

- Michael Jensen -

Michael is the band's bassist. With a formidable ear for playing bass, Michael has always had something about him that makes him the true pulse of the band. Michael has long experience both as a guitarist and a bassist, and although he is the band's latest addition, it doesn`t hold back  for quality, signature and contributions to the band's composite soundtrack. On the contrary. 

- Jan Isaksen -

Jan plays drums in the band. Since the early 1980's, Jan has been an amazingly skilled drummer, and has joined various bands throughout the years. The band's sound is given by Jans contribution. With a layed back, tight, and incredibly steady beat, Jan makes out the very heart of the band.